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CLW Alimentos Ltda founded on 20/08/2002 came to add another line of special products to the HT NUTRI Group.
The company invests in modern facilities, equipment and processes that meet international standards, always aiming to create new nutritional alternatives, from selected raw materials and supplements with innovative and high quality concepts.
The CLW product line includes: soya-based protein compounds for the food industries, pregelatinized FG rice flours, selected FN rice flours, defatted rice bran and micronized products. With application in various segments of the food industry.
It operates in the human nutrition market with concentrated soy protein from 60 to 70 percent protein, textured soy protein in various natural, caramel and rosy grain sizes, as well as textured concentrated protein with 65 to 70 percent protein content.

Defatted inactivated soy flours and activated soy flours, also with various specification possibilities.